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Version history

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2.0 The current server (online since 17 Nov 2010). New in this version:
  • New concurent algorithm used to train the network.
1.1 The current server (online since 15 April 2010). New in this version:
  • %-rank measure include for each prediction value. The %-rank score give the rank of the prediction score to a distribution of prediction scores from 200.000 natural random 15mer peptides.
1.0 Original version (online version until April 15 2010):

Main publication:

  • Quantitative predictions of peptide binding to any HLA-DR molecule of known sequence: NetMHCIIpan.
    Nielsen M, et al. (2008) PLoS Comput Biol. Jul 4;4(7):e1000107. View the abstract, the full text version at PLoS Compu: Full text.


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