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4.0 Online since 5 Sep 2017. New in this version:
  • NetMHCpan is now trained both on affinity data and naturally eluted ligands
  • The method predicts two properties: likelihood of ligand presentation and binding affinity


  • NetMHCpan-4.0: Improved Peptide–MHC Class I Interaction Predictions Integrating Eluted Ligand and Peptide Binding Affinity Data
    Vanessa Jurtz, Sinu Paul, Massimo Andreatta, Paolo Marcatili, Bjoern Peters and Morten Nielsen
    The Journal of Immunology (2017) ji1700893; DOI: 10.4049/jimmunol.1700893
3.0 Online since 10 Feb 2016. New in this version:
  • Improved algorithm implementing insertions and deletions in the alignment
  • Method trained on extended data-set including peptides of length 8 to 13
  • Length distribution of predicted binders that reflects the MHC molecules preferences


  • NetMHCpan-3.0: improved prediction of binding to MHC class I molecules integrating information from multiple receptor and peptide length data sets
    Morten Nielsen and Massimo Andreatta
    Genome Medicine (2016): 8:33
2.8 Online since 26 Feb 2013. New in this version:
  • Method retrained on extented data set including 10 prevalent HLA-C and 7 prevalent BoLA MHC-I molecules.
2.4 Online since 18 Dec 2010. New in this version:
  • Method retrained on extented data set including several HLA-C allele, and two BoLA alleles.
2.3 Online since 08 Sept 2010. New in this version:
  • Method retrained on the version 2.2 data excluding data from the Mamu-A1*02601 allele due to data contamination. Also, the method has been updated to include the newest MHC allele releases from the IMGT/HLA and IPD-MHC databases (for non-human primates and pig). These updates include incoportation of the new nomemclature for HLA and Rhesus macaque (Mamu).
2.2 Online since 01 Sept 2009. New in this version:
  • Method retrained on an extented data covering more than 100 MHC alleles and more than 110,000 peptide/MHC interactions.
2.1 Online since 06 April 2009. New in this version:
  • Predicted binding score are shown as percent rank to a pool of 1000.000 random natural 9mer peptides. IC50 values are only shown for a set of white-listed alleles (mostly HLA-A and HLA-B alleles) where the values can be relied on.
2.0 Online since 24 June, 2008. New in this version:
  • Binding predictions for all known MHC molecules including HLA-C, non-classical HLA (HLA-E and HLA-G), non-human primates, pig and mouse.
  • Prediction of performance accuracy


  • NetMHCpan - MHC class I binding prediction beyond humans
    Ilka Hoof, Bjoern Peters, John Sidney, Lasse Eggers Pedersen, Ole Lund, Soren Buus, and Morten Nielsen
    Immunogenetics 61.1 (2009): 1-13

1.1 Online from March 2007 until 24 of June, 2008. New in this version:
  • Includes prediction of peptides length 8-11 .

1.0 Original version (online version until March 2007):


  • NetMHCpan, a Method for Quantitative Predictions of Peptide Binding to Any HLA-A and -B Locus Protein of Known Sequence.
    Nielsen M, et al. (2007) PLoS ONE 2(8): e796. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0000796
    View the abstract, the full text version at PLoSONE: Full text, or Full text including supplementary materials: PDF_fulltext.pdf


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