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NetPhosK 1.0 Server

The NetPhosK 1.0 server produces neural network predictions of kinase specific eukaryotic protein phosphorylation sites. Currently NetPhosK covers the following kinases: PKA, PKC, PKG, CKII, Cdc2, CaM-II, ATM, DNA PK, Cdk5, p38 MAPK, GSK3, CKI, PKB, RSK, INSR, EGFR and Src.

      NOTE: this service is currently off-line. Please use NetPhos 3.1 instead.      

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Paste a single sequence or several sequences in FASTA format into the field below:

Submit a file in FASTA format directly from your local disk:

Method to use:
Prediction without filtering (fast)
Prediction with ESS (Evolutionary Stable Sites) Filter (very slow)
Kinase Landscapes (Graphics)


At most 10 sequences and 10,000 amino acids per submission; each sequence not less than 15 and not more than 4,000 amino acids.

The sequences are kept confidential and will be deleted after processing.


For publication of results, please cite:

Prediction of post-translational glycosylation and phosphorylation of proteins from the amino acid sequence
Blom N, Sicheritz-Ponten T, Gupta R, Gammeltoft S, Brunak S. Proteomics. 2004 Jun;4(6):1633-49. Review.

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