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NetTurnP 1.0 - Prediction of Beta-turn regions in protein sequences

Beta-turns are the most common type of non-repetitive structures, and constitute on average 25% of the residues in all protein chains. The formation of Beta-turns plays an important role in protein folding, protein stability and molecular recognition processes. A high correlation between the tendency for a sequence to form a Beta-turn and the proteins reactivity to antipeptide antibodies has been discovered, and furthermore it has been shown that there is an overrepresentation of Beta-turns in B-cell epitopes. In the area of protein-protein interactions, the formation of Beta-turns types I and II has been indicated to be essential for high-affinity binding to SH2-domains.
NetTurnP predicts if an amino acid is located in a Beta-turn or not. Optional, NetTurnP is also able to predict the nine Beta-turn subtypes.

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Instructions Output format Article abstract

Paste in sequence data (maximum 500 sequences)

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Valid format examples: Fasta

All sequences must be submitted in amino acid format and have a unique sequence id!

Beta-turn type prediction

Type I
Type I' Type II Type II' Type IV
Type VIII Type VIb Type VIa1 Type VIa2

Additional settings

Use Cut-off Tweak

Do not cache sequence profile and prediction results.
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For publication of results, please cite:

NetTurnP - Neural Network Prediction of Beta-turns by Use of Evolutionary Information and Predicted Protein Sequence Features.
Petersen B, Lundegaard C, Petersen TN (2010)
PLoS ONE 5(11):e15079 doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0015079

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The electronic version of this article is found here: download


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