Supplementary material for the article:

The three new data sets used for evaluation in the article are given below in the HOW format. Dots in the annotation line denotes non-betaturn residues and T's denote betaturn residues.
PLP399 - HOW file
PLP364 - HOW file
PLP273 - HOW file
PDB chain IDs for the three data sets are given below.
PLP399 - chain list
PLP364 - chain list
PLP273 - chain list


For publication of results or use of the datasets, please cite:

NetTurnp - Neural Network Prediction of Beta-turns by Use of Evolutionary Information and Predicted Protein Sequence Features.
Petersen B, Lundegaard C, Petersen TN (2010)
PLoS ONE 5(11):e15079 doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0015079

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