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OligoWiz 2 Server

The Server is currently not running

November 2015: The OligoWiz server is currently offline. As a lot of work will be needed to recode the backend to a new server architecture and queuing system and since the usage of the server has been decreasing steadily due to the migration to RNA seq, it is unknown when and if the server will be back online.

Work around:

It possible to download and run both the server and client side part of the OligoWiz suite on your own system. The server requires a Unix-like system (Linux, Mac etc), and the client (Graphical Interface) runs on any system with Java, including Windows.

Server code:

There is a download page for academic users; other users are requested to contact CBS Software Package Manager at

Client (GUI):

Starting with OligoWiz version 2.1.0 the OligoWiz client (GUI) are also available as an OFFLINE version, which can be used together with in command-line version of the OligoWiz server. Please see the all releases directory.

Screenshot of the OligoWiz GUI offline version

Reference materials:

Old home page

For reference the old OligoWiz2 homepage can be reached here: OligoWiz2 homepage


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If you don't have access to Nature Protocols you can request a reprint (PDF) by emailing to this address:

OligoWiz 2.0 - integrating sequence feature annotation into design of microarray probes
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