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USER cloning (uracil specific excision based cloning) is a powerful method to achieve an array of genetic engineering goals. USER cloning can be used for multiple fragment assembly (USER fusion), generating mismatch mutations, insertions, and deletions solely with variations in primer design. However, manual primer design of even simple experiments is time consuming and prone to errors.

PHUSER version 2 is an easy to use web server tool for automated primer design for USER cloning based DNA engineering purposes. DNA manipulations, including fusions, nucleotide substitutions, insertions and deletions can be specified by the user in an intuitive graphical user interface, and PHUSER 2.0 designs the most suitable PCR optimized primers for the experiment based on a number of common quality parameters. PHUSER version 2 also supports combinatorial assembly, batch processing, multiple site-directed mutagenesis, circular assembly and flexible parameters for PCR amplification.


Hans Jasper Genee, Mads Tvillinggaard Bonde, Frederik Otzen Bagger, Jakob Berg Jespersen, Rasmus Wernerson, and Lars Rønn Olsen
PHUSER version 2: a primer design software that simplifies and highly accelerates USER cloning based DNA engineering, update 2013

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