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ProtFun 2.2 Server

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Prediction of cellular role, enzyme class and Gene Ontology category

The ProtFun 2.2 server produces ab initio predictions of protein function from sequence. The method queries a large number of other feature prediction servers to obtain information on various post-translational and localizational aspects of the protein, which are integrated into final predictions of the cellular role, enzyme class (if any), and selected Gene Ontology categories of the submitted sequence.

It is possible to inspect the individual feature predictions used and integrated by ProtFun.

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For publication of results, please cite:

Ab initio prediction of human orphan protein function from post-translational modifications and localization features.
L. Juhl Jensen, R. Gupta, N. Blom, D. Devos, J. Tamames, C. Kesmir, H. Nielsen, H. H. Stærfeldt,
K. Rapacki, C. Workman, C. A. F. Andersen, S. Knudsen, A. Krogh, A. Valencia and S. Brunak.

J. Mol. Biol., 319:1257-1265, 2002.

View the abstract.

Prediction of human protein function according to Gene Ontology categories.
Lars Juhl Jensen, Hans-Henrik Stærfeldt and Søren Brunak.
Bioinformatics, 19:635-642, 2003.

View the abstract.


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