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Version history

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2.2 The current version.
Possibility of inspecting the individual feature predictions used and integrated by ProtFun. No changes to the method itself.

2.1 Improved accuracy of the calculation of odds.

2.0 Addition of Gene Ontology category prediction.

Prediction of human protein function according to Gene Ontology categories.
Lars Juhl Jensen, Hans-Henrik Stærfeldt and Søren Brunak.
Bioinformatics, 19:635-642, 2003.

1.1 The original server.

Ab initio prediction of human orphan protein function from post-translational modifications and localization features.
L. Juhl Jensen, R. Gupta, N. Blom, D. Devos, J. Tamames, C. Kesmir, H. Nielsen, H. H. Strfeldt, K. Rapacki, C. Workman, C. A. F. Andersen, S. Knudsen, A. Krogh, A. Valencia and S. Brunak.
J. Mol. Biol., 319:1257-1265, 2002.

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