In order to use the signalp server for prediction on amino acid sequences:
  1. (optional) Enter a name for the sequence.

  2. Enter the sequence in the sequence window.

    The sequence must be written using the one letter amino acid code: `acdefghiklmnpqrstvwy' or `ACDEFGHIKLMNPQRSTVWY'.
    Other letters will be converted to `X' and treated as unknown amino acids.
    Other characters, such as whitespace and numbers, will simply be ignored.

    N.B. We recommend that the N-terminal part only (not more than 50-70 amino acids) of the sequences is submitted. A longer sequence will increase the risk of false positives and make the graphical output difficult to read.

  3. Choose one or more group of organisms for the prediction by clicking the check-box next to the group(s):
    gram-: Use networks trained on sequences from gram-negative prokaryotes
    gram+: Use networks trained on sequences from gram-positive prokaryotes
    euk: Use networks trained on sequences from eukaryotes
    N.B. If no groups are indicated, predictions from all three groups will be returned.

  4. A graphical output (in Postscript format) of the prediction will be available, if the "Include graphics"-button is checked.

  5. Press the "Submit sequence" button.

  6. A WWW page will return the results when the prediction is ready. Response time depends on system load.

Last change: December 2, 1996,
Henrik Nielsen


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