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Default D-cutoff values

If no values are given then the optimal default values are used ! (shown below)

The D-cutoff score is a combined value from both Signal-peptide and cleavage site prediction networks.
A score above the a specified threshold (see below), will result in a positive prediction of a signal peptide.
By default the following values are used for the SignalP-noTM and SignalP-TM networks for
the organism types: Eukaryotes (euk), Gram-positive bacteria (gram+) and Gram-negative bacteria (gram-).

euk SignalP-noTM networks: 0.45
euk SignalP-TM networks: 0.50

gram+ SignalP-noTM networks: 0.57
gram+ SignalP-TM networks: 0.45

gram- SignalP-noTM networks: 0.57
gram- SignalP-TM networks: 0.51


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