TargetP-2.0 Server

Training and testing data set

The dataset used for training, validating, and testing TargetP 2.0 (using nested cross-validation) can be found here.

The sequences are in FASTA format with the UniProt AC as sequence name: Download

The annotations are in a tab-separated file where each line contains three fields: The UniProt AC, the type of targeting peptide, and the length of the targeting peptide.
The type can be

  • "SP" for signal peptide,
  • "MT" for mitochondrial transit peptide (mTP),
  • "CH" for chloroplast transit peptide (cTP),
  • "TH" for thylakoidal lumen composite transit peptide (lTP),
  • "Other" for no targeting peptide (in this case, the length is given as 0).

Predictions on proteomes

Results from TargetP predictions on whole proteomes from UniProt (gzipped text files):

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