NetMHC 3.0 bug fixes

The current NetMHC 3.0b package was generated on Aug 7, 2008.

Date Event / bug / fix
2008 May 21 Ver. 3.0a generated and made available.
2008 Aug 7
Bug discovered in 3.0a: a number of directories and files in 'netMHC-3.0/etc', necessary for the proper function of the software are not world-readable which results in error messages that can be hard to understand. The bug has been removed in NetMHC 3.0b.

Ver. 3.0b generated and made available.

Comment: if you run 'x86_64' and get error messages then testing go to the 'netMHC-3.0/bin' directory and execute:

ln -s Linux_i386 Linux_x86_64

and test the software again.


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