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Dave's Evolution page

1. RESEARCH - DNA Structures and Evolution

Figure 1-16 from Hartl & Jones

Some recent papers and book reviews I've written, relating to evolution:


  1. Richard Thornhill, and David W. Ussery,

  2. "A Classification of Possible Routes in Darwinian Evolution",
    J. Theor. Biol., 202, 111-116, (2000).
    PDF file      [PubMed]

  3. Peder Worning, Lars Juhl Jensen, Karen E. Nelson, Søren Brunak, and David W. Ussery,

  4. "Structural analysis of DNA sequence: Evidence for lateral gene transfer in Thermotoga maritima ",
    Nucleic Acids Research, 28 (#3), 706-709, (2000).
    [PubMed]        Figures 1-3        Nucleic Acids Research PDF file Reproduced with permission from NAR Online
    Link to the DNA Periodicity Analysis in Genomes main table.

    Book Reviews

  5. Ussery,D.W.,

  6. "The Stealth Creationists",
    SKEPTIC, 8 (#4):72-74, (2001).
    Link to an longer version of this review

  7. Ussery,D.W.,

  8. "A Biochemist's Response to 'The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution'",
    Bios, 70:40-45, (1999).
    Link to an longer version of this review

Maunscripts in preparation

Link to page listing recent talks and posters about DNA Structures.

2. REFERENCES - Books on Evolution

  • What I'm reading now

  • A list of books that I've read ; this list contains many books dealing with evolutionary biology and Creationism.

  • Book reviews

  • In particular my review of Michael J. Behe's "Darwin's Black Box".

  • A Collection of Books on Creationism vs. Evolution

  • A list of more than three-hundred books on Creationism vs. Evolution from my own personal collection, which I started in 1973.

  • Books on DNA

  • A list of more than 1000 Books about DNA, Genetics, and Heredity. Sorted by various categories.

    3. LINKS:

  • Should evolution be taught in Kansas? A discussion (17 September, 1999)

  • Lectures on Evolution I gave to an Introduction to Biology (Biol. 101) class at Roanoke College, in the of spring 1998.

  • Link to my "journal" which includes an extensive discussion about six different views of creationism.

  • Other links to web sites about evolution:

  • Links on evolution and creationism from the Biology 101 class (spring, 1998)

  • Creationism in Europe

  • List of links on evolution and creationism

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