Curriculum vitae: Peter Fischer Hallin

Date of birth:August 16th 1977, Odense, Denmark
Marital status:Married, 2 children
Address:Tunet 7,
3450 Allerød,
Email:peter.fischer [at]
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Upper secondary school ('Matematisk Studentereksamen') from Odense Katedralskole.


Bachelor of Engineering in biochemistry from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU, 2003). David W. Ussery and Vivian Fussing (State Serum Institute) as supervisors. Bachelor thesis: Oligo design for Campylobacter jejuni - an approach using multiple genome alignment


Master of Science in Engineering (biotechnology), Technical University of Denmark (Center for Biological Sequence Analysis). Master thesis: Design and application of high density microarray for Expression Analysis in Campylobacter jejuni


PhD project in Comparative Genomics and Bioinformatics, CBS, Technical University of Denmark (Supervisor: Davis Ussery)


2003 - 2006:Research assistant in the Comparative Microbial Genomics group at Center for Biological Sequence Analysis (CBS) at Technical University of Denmark.
Fall 2007Visiting researcher at Professor Craig J. Benham's group at UC Davis Genome Center. Work on stress-induced DNA destabilization
2009 - 13

Research Scientist in Bioinformatics / Novozymes A/S

2013 -

Senior Scientist in Bioinformatics / Novozymes A/S

Language skills

My native tongue is Danish and I am fluent in English both written and spoken.


  • Patent course (Novozymes)
  • Novozymes ProMan I, basic project management course
  • Novozymes ProMan II, project management course
  • Novozymes Beyond project leadership (summer 2014)


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Posters and presentations

  1. TIGR Genomes 2004 April 2004, Hinxton United Kingdom
    Peter F. Hallin and David W. Ussery Global and Local analysis of AT content in 164 sequenced bacterial chromosomes

  2. Bioinformatics 2004 June 2004, Linkoping Sweden
    Peter F. Hallin, Nikolaj Tindbaek, Tianshun Ye, Haakan Ohlsson, and David W. Ussery Promoter binding profiles for microbial genomes

  3. Rocky04 December 2004, Aspen, Colorado U.S.A.
    Peter F. Hallin, Tim T. Binnewies, and David W. Ussery Comparing Microbial Genome Properties in Phylogenetic context

  4. CHRO 2005 September 2005, Gold Coast Australia
    Peter F. Hallin, Tim T. Binnewies, Anne-Lise Gravesen, Susanne Knoechel, and David W. Ussery Novel Design of a High Density Microarray for Campylobacter jejuni

  5. ASM Biodefense 2007 February 2007, Washington U.S.A.
    Tim T. Binnewies, Peter Fischer Hallin, Nadia Sellami, David W. Ussery Prediction of Pathogenicity Networks in Bacterial Genomes

  6. Metagenomics 2007 July 2007, San Diego U.S.A.
    Peter Fischer Hallin and Tim T. Binnewies Gene organization of RNA genes and secretion system components of the Sargasso Sea environmental samples

Other presentations

  1. Etox 2005 June 2005, Canterbury United Kingdom
    Tim T. Binnewies, Peter F. Hallin, Jannick D. Bendtsen, David W. Ussery Prediction of Pathogenicity Networks in Bacterial Genomes

Lectures and courses

  1. Exercises August 2006, Petropolis Brazil
    Peter F. Hallin, David Ussery Workshop on Comparative Microbial Genomics and Taxonomy

  2. EMBRACE Workshop on Bioinformatics of Immunology January 2007, DTU, Lyngby Denmark
    Peter F. Hallin Accessing SOAP based Web Services using Perl:

  3. Modern computer tools for the biosciences March 2007, Uppsala Sweden
    Peter F. Hallin Implementation of Web Services for bioinformatics

  4. EMBRACE 3rd Anual General Meeting 2007 April 2007, Lyon France
    Peter Fischer Hallin Implementation of web services

  5. EMBRACE: Client Side Scripting for Web Services February 2008, Lyngby Denmark
    Peter F. Hallin Interoperability of Web Services: granularity and data types

  6. Organizing workshop: Comparative Microbial Genomics Workshop June 2008, Bangkok Thailand
    Peter F. Hallin and Dave W. Ussery Organizing workshop: Comparative Microbial Genomics Workshop

  7. Computer exercises: DTU framework course in Biotechnology and Food Sciences September 2008, Lyngby Denmark
    Peter F. Hallin and Dave W. Ussery computer exercises: DTU framework course in Biotechnology and Food Sciences