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Disease complexes browser help

You can select any complex from the dropdown menu. Redundant complexes are only included if the check box is checked. In alternative you can type any text in the search field, and the entire non-redundant complex database is searched for matching terms. If you press "Go" the redundant complexes are also included in the search, and you will be redirected to a page with the results.

If you press "Browse by tissue" a window with the tissue browser opens as a popup, and you can use it to navigate through the different tissues. The selected complexes will be opened on thsi window.

After selecting a complex it will be shown in the lower part of the page. Information about the complex number, and the HUGO gene symbol and ENSEMBL gene id used as seed for the complex generation will be shown. The network files for each complex can be downloaded as well for using with Cytoscape. For each of the individual boxes there is a "Help!" link that will explain what they mean.